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Update Everyone!!

So, i didn’t forgot you guys.
I have some problem to search the other songs you are requesting me… i’d need some other time.
So, meanwhile, i’ll link you guys some spotify playlists i made a while ago and updated right now.

Psych 1  -  Psych 2  -  Psych 3  -  Psych 4  -  Psych 5  -  Psych 6  -  Psych 7  -  Psych 8

Psych All Season

And the Psych the Musical Playlist not made by me:
Psych: The Musical Cast – Psych: The Musical (Original Songs and Score)


Anonimo ha chiesto:

Who is the epic song named which U are hearing durning the whole episode? at: 25:10, 29:10. The notes are a. h, c, d, a. please help me...

If you mean the song in the 67’ reality then i really don’t know. Maybe it’s a song made by them or the song is a cover made by them (singed by Dule Hill)

If is the song in the background while "67’ lassie’s ghost" is talking (24:00-25:00) then it’s made by Adam Cohen and John Robert Wood (they make the music for the entire series) - And continued in (29:20-29:50) with Shawn’s zoom.

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Season 7:

7x01 - Santabarbaratown 2: Lethal Weapon 5  HELP
7x02 - Juliet Takes a Luvvah
7x03 - Lassie Jerky
7x04 - No Country For Two Old Man
7x05 - 100 Clues
7x06 - Cirque du Soul
7x07 - Deez nups HELP
7x08 - Right Turn or Left for Dead
7x09 - Juliet Wears the Pantsuit
7x10 - The Santabarbarian Candidate
7x11 - Office Space
7x12 - Dead Air
7x13 - Nip and Suck It
7x14 - No Trout About It
7x15-16 - Psych: The Musical


Anonimo ha chiesto:

Gotta say, LOVIN' the blog!!! I never there was a blog for this, and I found it! Woop! Keep up the awesomeness! ( I found so many songs that I love cause of ur blog! Thx! ) :DDD

Thanks :)
I will :D And I found awesome songs too, thanks to this blog. The reason why I made this blog were 2:

- I love music, and they often have really nice and unknown songs
- There wasn’t a soundtrack of this series


Anonimo ha chiesto:

Hi! Do you know the name of the song that plays during the fistfight scene between Cary Elwes & Vinnie Jones in Season 8, Episode 1? - Thank You!!!

From the sound and the style of it I think the theme belongs to the artists/musicians of the series Adam Cohen and John Robert Wood.

I even looked around and Shazam but nothing… When i’ll have some time i’ll try to clean the audio and make a few other tries. I’m sorry if I can’t help you anymore of this…

Psych: The Musical


Psych: The Musical:
**All original songs**

1- Santa Barbara Skies
00:01:05 - J. Roday, D. Hill

2- Z’s Lament
00:10:40 - Anthony Rapp

3- I’ve Heard it in Both Ways
00:13:45 - J. Roday, T. Omundson, M. Lawson

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And that is the list fixed with all the corrections after the vision. Enjoy internet! :D

So hi guys, :D

I realised i need to check the last 2 episode for the song. Until december, i’ll have a lot of time. So, while you wait i post here some track i extracted from some episode. This type of soundtracks you are going to listen are not songs, but track made for the telefilm itself. They are made by Adam Cohen,  John Robert Wood.
I hope the production will made an album for them, probably with the musical songs.

While we wait, here you are:

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